STDCheck vs STDTestExpress

Looking for a reliable and confidential online STD test? 

STDCheck and STD Test Express are well-known names when it comes to online STD testing. They both provide confidential and affordable online STD tests.

Though they generally work the same way, some differences might sway you towards one or the other.

In this matchup, we compare STDCheck vs. STD Test Express on important areas like pricing, types of STD tests offered, privacy, and turnaround time.

If you’d like to explore more options beyond STDCheck and STD Test Express, see our reviews of the best confidential STD tests.

STDCheck vs. STDTestExpress Comparison 



A standard visit to your doctor’s office for an STD test may cost you several hundred dollars and hours of your time.

STDCheck and STD Test Express offer an easier and faster way to know your sexual health status.

STDCheck STD Test Express
  • One of the biggest providers of online STD tests.
  • Owned by Analyte Physicians Group.
  • Your order the test online then provide a sample at a nearby lab.
  • You order the test online than visit a nearby lab to provide a sample.
  • Results ready in 1-2 days.
  • Results ready in about 3 business days.

Packages and Pricing

Both STDCheck and STD Test Express let you choose whether you want a single test or a bundled test. The bundled packages offer better value for your money compared to the single tests.

But if you are worried about exposure to a specific sexually transmitted infection, the single-test packages are the best.

STDCheck STD Test Express
  • Offers both bundled packages and individual tests.
  • Offers three main bundled packages.
  • The 10-test panel is the best choice for most people.
  • They offer HIV RNA early detection testing.
  • HIV RNA early detection test available.
  • STD Test Express packages are generally cheaper.

Test Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an STD test provider. Both STDCheck and STD Test Express score highly. All their tests are conducted in clinical CLIA-certified labs.

Keep in mind that an STD’s incubation period can affect the accuracy of the test. If you test too soon after exposure, there’s a significant risk of a false negative.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get tested regularly, in case an infection didn’t show up the last time.

STDCheck STD Test Express
  • Sample collection in a lab gives STDCheck an edge inaccuracy.
  • Follow the instructions included in the sampling kit to get a good quality sample.

Turnaround Time

No one likes waiting, especially when it comes to medical test results. STDCheck and STD Test Express send you the results in 1-3 days after you provide a sample.

The main reason they can send you the results that quickly is that there’s no mailing involved. So there’s no waiting for you to send the sample back to the lab.

You provide a sample in the same lab where it’ll be tested.

STDCheck STD Test Express
  • 1-2 days of turnaround time for most people.
  • Results ready in 3 business days.
  • They’ll send an email to let you know the results are ready.
  • You’ll get an email notifying you to check your results online.


One of the biggest reasons people are opting for online STD testing over going to their doctor or a local clinic is confidentiality.

Both STDCheck and STD Test Express take steps to protect your privacy and anonymity.

STDCheck STD Test Express
  • Your personal details are well protected throughout the testing process and after.
  • Strong encryption to protect customer data.
  • No appointments or paperwork at the lab.
  • No appointments or paperwork at the lab.
  • It does not accept health insurance so that they don’t have to report the test.

Health Counseling Options

Getting medical advice after you receive a positive test result can help you take the right steps towards treatment.

Both STDCheck and STD Test Express offer post-test counseling at no extra costs. It saves you the hassle of arranging an appointment with your doctor, which you were trying to avoid in the first place.

STDCheck STD Test Express
  • Freephone consultation if you test positive.
  • Free post-test consultation available via phone.
  • Depending on your symptoms, the doctor can write you a prescription.
  • The doctor will recommend treatment and can, in some cases, write a prescription.

Providing Your Sample 

Some STD test providers send you to a nearby lab to give a sample while others send you a kit to collect a sample and send it to the lab for testing.

STDCheck STD Test Express
  • You visit a lab near you to provide a sample.
  • The sample is taken at a lab near you.


  • At-home sample collection by a lab professional available on request.

Payment Options 

All STD test providers accept major credit and debit cards. Check if they accept additional forms of payments such as FSA/HSA accounts, health insurance, PayPal, money orders, and cash.

STDCheck STD Test Express
  • STDCheck accepts credit and debit cards as well as gift cards, money orders, checks, money orders, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.
  • Accepts health insurance.
  • You can order a test and pay later.
  • It also accepts credit and debit cards and FSA/HSA cards.
  • No health insurance.

Customer Reviews 

anylabtestnow complaints

Customer reviews for STDCheck and STD Test Express are mostly positive. Customers of both services say they found the testing process easy, convenient, and surprisingly fast.

The only complaints we found were occasional cases of delayed results, but this was rare.



It’s difficult to make a choice between STDCheck and STD Test Express because they are roughly similar in many ways, including price range, testing process, and turnaround time.

The biggest difference separating them is that STD Test Express accepts health insurance.

If you want to offset some of the cost of STD testing, we recommend STD Test Express.

If you’d prefer not to use health insurance to protect your privacy, either service is a good choice though STD Test Express is slightly cheaper.

STDCheck vs STDTestExpress: STD Test Comparison

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