STDcheck vs. myLABBox

Need an anonymous STD Test?

STDCheck and myLab Box are two popular providers of confidential STD tests. 

STDCheck has more than 4,500 labs around the country where you (anonymously) provide a sample and get your results online in a day or two.

myLab Box sends you a kit at home, which you use to collect and mail back a sample for testing. You’ll get test results online.

In this head-to-head comparison, we are going to compare STDCheck and myLab Box on areas like test accuracy, pricing, turnaround time, and confidentiality.

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STDCheck vs. myLabBox Comparison 

STDCheckmyLab box


Both STDCheck and myLab Box offer affordable STD testing through their respective websites. They offer an alternative for those who’d prefer not to discuss their symptoms with a doctor or those who find hospital tests expensive.

STDCheck myLab Box
  • STDCheck offers confidential online lab testing.
  • myLab Box offers at-home testing.
  • You order online and then give a sample at a lab near you.
  • You’ll receive a sampling kit at home.
  • The results are ready in 1-2 days.
  • Collect and send a sample back to the lab for testing.


  • Results ready in a few days.

Packages and Pricing 

STDCheck and myLab Box both offer comprehensive STD test packages. Whether you are worried about a specific STD or you want to test for all the most common STDs, both companies offer individual and bundled STD tests.

STDCheck myLab Box
  • STDCheck’s most popular package is the 10-test panel.
  • The most popular myLab Box package is the 5-test panel.
  • They also offer an HIV RNA Early Detection Test. You can also order individual tests.
  • Currently, myLab Box does not offer an HIV RNA early detection test.
  • STDCheck is generally cheaper than myLab Box.
  • But they offer Mycoplasma Genitalium, UTI, Trichomoniasis, and HPV testing.


  • You can order individual tests.


  • Most of their packages cost more than those of STDCheck.

Test Accuracy

We don’t have to explain why accuracy is crucial when it comes to STD testing. A false positive can leave you needlessly worried and lead to needless treatment. A false negative denies you the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment.

Fortunately, both STDCheck and myLab Box have a good track record on test accuracy. Because both companies use CLIA-certified labs, their tests are as accurate as those done in a clinic.

STDCheck myLab Box
  • All 4,500+ testing centers that STDCheck uses are CLIA-Certified.
  • myLab Box also uses CLIA-certified labs.
  • Sample collection in a lab further ensures high accuracy.
  • Testing accuracy is dependent on how well you take your sample.

Note: The accuracy of an STD test is highly dependent on the STD’s incubation period. If you test too early before the incubation period has passed, you could get a false negative. STDCheck has listed the approximate incubation period for different sexually transmitted infections on their Exposed Blog

Turnaround Time 

Yeah, we know the anxiety of waiting for the results of an STD test. The long wait times are one reason why many people don’t like getting tested at a hospital or clinic.

The turnaround time for online STD testing can also be frustratingly long, depending on the company you go with. Here’s how STDCheck and myLab Box compare.

STDCheck myLab Box
  • Incredibly fast turnaround time of just 1 or 2 days.
  • Turnaround time for a myLab Box test is 5-11 days.
  • You’ll get an email notifying you that your results are ready.
  • This includes time to send you the kit and for you to send back the sample.


  • You’ll receive an email notifying you that your results are ready.


Yes, many people know that most STDs are not deadly and that a good number of them are treatable. But it’s still not something most of us are comfortable discussing with other people, even a doctor.

One of the biggest advantages of using an online STD testing company is the confidentiality they offer.

Here’s how STDCheck and myLAB Box protect your privacy.

STDCheck myLab Box
  • STDCheck uses strong encryption to protect customer data on its website.
  • myLab Box does not accept insurance so that they don’t have to report the test.
  • They do not accept health insurance as they would have to report the test.
  • myLab Box is HIPAA-compliant.
  • STDCheck is HIPAA-compliant.

Health Counseling Options

Professional medical advice after an STD test is essential, especially if the test is positive. A doctor will help you understand your health situation and the best steps to take in terms of treatment.

Both STDCheck and myLab Box offer free post-test counseling.

STDCheck myLab Box
  • Freephone consultation if you get a positive test result.
  • If you receive a positive test result, a physician will contact you via phone or email.
  • At his or her discretion, the doctor can write you a prescription.
  • The doctor can send a prescription to your local pharmacy.

Providing Your Sample

Some online STD testing services ask you to visit a lab to provide a sample while others send you a kit to take a sample yourself and send it to them for testing.

STDCheck myLab Box
  • Once you order the test online, you’ll be directed to a lab near you to give a sample.
  • Once you order a test, they’ll mail you a kit to take a sample.
  • 5-minute lab visit with no appointment or paperwork.
  • Send the sample back to the lab for testing.

Payment Options

Many STD testing companies accept credit or debit card payments. Others also accept additional methods of payments such as money orders, checks, or insurance.   

Here are the payment options each of these two companies provides.

STDCheck myLab Box
  • STDCheck accepts all major debit and credit cards, pre-paid gift cards, checks, money orders, FSA and HSA accounts, PayPal, and over 50 types of cryptocurrency.
  • myLab Box accepts all major credit and debit cards.
  • Pay Later option available.
  • They also accept payment via FSA and HSA accounts.
  • STDCheck does not accept health insurance.
  • myLab Box does not accept health insurance.

Customer Reviews

STDCheck vs MyLabBox

The customer reviews we could find for both companies are mostly positive. The only complaints we saw were about a tracking problem or delayed results, but these seem to be rare issues.

Most customers say the ordering process is easy. Even myLab Box customers, who have to go through an extra step of collecting a sample, say everything is clearly explained and no hassle at all.

Many customers say they received their results pretty quickly, usually 1-3 days after providing a sample.


STDcheck vs myLABBox

When it comes to the things that matter most – testing accuracy, customer service, and consultation – both STDCheck and myLab Box are great.

Where they are different is the ordering and testing process.

If you want a fast turnaround (same day or next day results) and don’t mind walking or driving to a nearby lab, go with STDCheck. STDCheck is also the best option if you are on a budget.

If you are concerned about recent exposure to HIV, definitely order from STDCheck. They offer an HIV RNA early detection test, which can detect HIV as early as 9-11 days after exposure.

If you don’t want to or can’t go to a lab, go with myLab Box. You’ll be able to do everything from home.

myLab Box is also the best choice if you want to test for Mycoplasma Genitalium, UTI, Trichomoniasis, and HPV. STDCheck doesn’t carry these tests.


STDCheck vs MyLabBox: STD Test Comparison

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