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Neisseria gonorrhoea (graham stain)

Types of Gonorrhea Tests Available Today

Gonorrhea is diagnosed from a urine sample or by analyzing a specimen (swab) taken from an infected region of the body.

Women under the age of 25 should be tested for gonorrhea annually, as should older women who recently changed sex partners.

But did you know there are three types of STD tests available for gonorrhea that don’t require a visit to your doctor?

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STD Test OptionCostPay w/ Insur.?AccuracyConfi dential?Time (days)Where To BuyDiscounts
Doctor + Lab$200-$500YES99%+NO2-5--
Online Lab $50-$300NO99%+YES0-3STDCheck $10 off
Home Test Kit$25-$200NO< 99%YES0-3MyLabBox Save $10
Free Clinic


The rest of this page explains the pros/cons of each of these methods, in more detail.

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1. At-Home Gonorrhea Test

gonorrhea at home test kit

Buying an at-home STD test is the least expensive method of testing for Gonorrhea.  

However, at-home tests are typically less accurate than a local clinic or an online STD test service.

In addition, if you test positive using an at-home test, you may have to purchase a secondary lab test to confirm the result.

At-home gonorrhea tests can be purchased from the following STD test retailers:


Learn more about At-Home STD Tests

2. Online STD Test

Want to keep things totally confifential and still get the most accurate result?

Then buying an online STD test service is a great choice.

Online Gonorrhea Tests typically cost between $50 and $250.

Online STD Testing process
Online STD Test process: 3 steps

Where To Buy an Online STD Test

The largest provider of online lab tests in the US is STDCheck.com:

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  • With over 4,000 locations, STDCheck is one of the most popular online STD test providers in the US.
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Shop Now & Save $10


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3. Free STD Test Clinic

Traditional FREE Test Clinic Lab Process
Free Test Clinic Process: 7 steps (with mandatory counseling)

Chances are, there’s a Free STD test clinic near you. Pretty much all of them test for Gonorrhea. Touch the link below to locate one near you.

CDC Free STD Test Clinic finder

What Is Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea (also known as “the clap”) is a common curable sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by Neisseria gonorrhoea, a bacteria that target the cells of mucous membranes including the following:

  • moist surfaces of the urethra, vagina, cervix and endometrium
  • interior glans of the penis
  • fallopian tubes
  • anus / rectum
  • eyelids
  • throat

Gonorrhea is a common form of sexually transmitted disease in the US. Last year, 570,000 cases of gonorrhea were reported to the CDC. The actual number of cases is estimated to be more than 800,000.

How Gonorrhea Is Transmitted

how gonorrhea is transmitted

Gonorrhea is transmitted when unprotected mucous membranes of two individuals touch, as they do during anal, oral (giving or receiving) and vaginal sex.

  • Full sexual penetration is not required to transmit gonorrhea.
  • Any contact with infected fluids can transmit the disease.
  • Gonorrhea may be passed from mother to newborn as the baby passes through an infected birth canal.
  • Eye infections can occur when hands pass infected fluids to the eye.

A person infected with gonorrhea is considered infectious until the bacteria is thoroughly eliminated.

If left untreated, gonorrhea can cause serious problems such as PID and infertility.

People infected with gonorrhea are often infected with chlamydia, too. This is why most physicians recommend testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea at the same time

Symptoms of a Gonorrhea Infection

Gonorrhea symptoms in men and women
Gonorrhea symptoms in men and women

Gonorrhea is difficult to diagnose without an STD test for three reasons:

  1. Most people never experience symptoms.
  2. If a person develops gonorrhea symptoms, they occur days after exposure.
  3. The symptoms of gonorrhea are similar to chlamydia; the two are often confused.

Common Symptoms – all Ages and Sexes

  • infected / inflamed rectum (proctitis)
  • infected / inflamed eyelids (conjunctivitis)
  • soreness or redness in your throat or mouth

Symptoms – Men Only

Some men never develop symptoms; if symptoms do occur, they typically develop within 2-5 days after exposure.

  • discharge from the penis (pussy, watery or milky)
  • burning during urination
  • swelling of testicles

Symptoms – Women Only

Most women do not exhibit symptoms and must be tested. Symptoms, when present, include:

  • vaginal discharge that is yellow or bloody
  • a burning feeling during urination
  • often mistaken for a bladder infection

If a gonorrhea spreads to the fallopian tubes, women may experience additional symptoms including:

  • lower abdominal and back pain
  • pain during sex
  • bleeding between periods
  • nausea
  • fever

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