How To Get a STD Test in San Antonio Without A Doctor’s Prescription

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For most people, going to a doctor to be tested for an STD is not the most ideal choice. For one, it could end up being expensive not to mention the lack of confidentiality.

Secondly, it can be a big inconvenience especially if you have to travel far to get tested.

In San Antonio there are three great alternatives you can opt for when you suspect you have a sexually transmitted infection.

Below, we look at the pros and cons of three alternative STD testing methods,

  1. home STD test kits
  2. online test labs and
  3. free STD test clinics.

Keep reading to learn about each alternative and where to find each type of test in the San Antonio area.

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4 Types of STD Tests Compared

The rest of this page reviews the pros and cons of each method and explains how & where to get tested.


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1. Home STD Test Kits

Herpes simplex at home testIf you are seeking absolute confidentiality, a home STD test kit is your best option.

There are plenty of websites that sell STD test kits with a focus on anonymity.

These kits are low cost and provide the benefit of not having to go to the doctor.


  • Cheap. Generally, home STD test kits start as low as $50 for a single test and around $100-$150 for multiple tests.
  • Anonymous. This is one of the biggest advantages of home testing kits. You do not have to show up at a doctor’s office and the transaction maintains your anonymity.
  • Convenient. You do not have to travel to a doctor or undergo a long testing process. Additionally, it only takes one or two days to get your results back.

That said, home STD tests DO have their drawbacks…


The biggest issue with home test kits is poor accuracy.

Since the sample collection process is not as strict as in a lab environment, the results are not a 100 percent accurate.

Errors with taking the sample and handling during transport could lead to false negatives or positives.

This is why experts recommend that you seek further medical advice if you get positive test results.

Where To Buy A Home STD Test

I recommend buying your at-home STD test online from

Most local drugstores also carry some home test kits, but the selection on Amazon is the best.


2. Online Test Labs in San Antonio

Online HIV Test Lab Results

Online STD test labs combine the privacy of a home test kit with the accuracy of a medical lab.

Best of all, they are not as expensive as going to a doctor.


  • Confidential. An online test lab provides as much anonymity as a home test kit. This is great for teenagers and even adults who want to maintain their privacy.
  • Low cost. Online test labs will typically charge $100 for an STD test. They provide an affordable STD testing option without compromising on testing accuracy.
  • Convenient. Giving your sample at a local lab takes five minutes only.
  • Counseling is available; but optional.


An online test lab is a bit more expensive than a home test kit, especially when you want to get several STD tests done.

But this pays off in the form of hospital-quality accuracy.

How An Online STD Test Works

The process is quick and simple.

Once you pay for the test online, you will be asked to visit a local lab to provide a sample.

The results take 1 to 3 days and they can be accessed online.

This diagram below explains how the process works.

Online STD Testing Process (click to view)
Online STD Testing Process

Where To Buy an Online STD Test

The largest provider of online lab tests in the US are

STDCheck logo 735px

  • With over 4,000 locations, STDCheck is one of the most popular online STD test providers in the US.
  • Save $10 now!

3. Free STD Testing in San Antonio

Despite the fact that they charge nothing, free STD test clinics in San Antonio provide accurate testing at the same level as medical labs.

On the downside, most free clinics require mandatory counseling and anonymity is not provided.

Here’s the most popular government-run STD testing clinics in the San Antonio Metro area:

Metro Health STD/HIV Clinic
512 East Highland
San Antonio, TX 78210
Open from 7:45 am to 4:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 7:45 am to 7:45 pm on Wednesday.

Facts About STDs in San Antonio

Texas has one of the highest rates of STD in the country.

The STD infection rates for San Antonio, the second most populated city in Texas, are also sizable.

To tackle the relatively high infection rates, the local Government has stepped up efforts to provide increased STD testing and counseling.

Rates of STD Infection in San Antonio (vs. the U.S. Average)

STD infection rates San Antonio, TX


Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. Every year, about 3 million people are diagnosed with the STD.

It is therefore no surprise that in San Antonio, it is the most prevalent STD.

But with combined efforts from the local government and various organizations, the infection rate for Chlamydia has been on a steady decline in recent years.


In the San Antonio metropolitan area, there was a Gonorrhea infection rate of 138.5 per 100,000 people in 2014. This translates to just over 3,000 reported cases. This was a big drop from 2013, when the infection rate was 147.2.

Like with Chlamydia, there are more cases of gonorrhea in San Antonio compared to the country average. In 2014, the US average infection rate was 110.7 per 100K residents.


A few years ago, San Antonio had one of the highest Syphilis infection rates in the US.

Stepped-up efforts led to a drop from 51.2 in 2013 to 44.7 in 2014. This is still quite high compared to the US average syphilis infection rate of 20.1 in 2014, however.


In 2013, the rate of diagnosed HIV cases in San Antonio was 25.7, making it one of the highest figures recorded across the US during a similar period.

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You can learn more about STDs in San Antonio and how to get tested by following the link below: Protection Status