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Before online STD testing became available, the price tags placed a significant burden on the patient’s pocket, so naturally, insurance plans were of great help.

These days, some suppliers of online and at-home STD tests will also accept insurance as a legitimate payment method, so it is definitely something worth exploring.

Modern direct-to-customer tests are less expensive than those performed in a clinic or your doctor’s office.

Insurance is not a critical part of the process anymore, but if your company covers STD testing, there’s no reason not to take the opportunity.

Insurance Coverage for STD Test

does insurance cover confidential STD tests

As we already said, some organizations accept insurance as a payment method, others don’t. Hence, you should collect all the relevant information before placing your order. Note that many of the organizations will still charge you additional fees your insurance plan is not likely to cover.

Having said that, you should also confirm with your insurance company if it covers STD testing because many of them do not. You’ll want to know whether your chosen STD testing provider supports your insurance coverage.

By way of example, many businesses haven’t accepted HMO and TriCare plan types, and almost none of them support Medicare and Medicaid.

Billing Outline

Insurance for STD Testing

Here’s a good picture of the complete billing procedure once you’ve placed your order with a particular company. We have already mentioned the parts of your order not covered by insurance. These include the company’s administrative expenses and the fees of the doctor. Those will be due immediately.

Lab testing fees must be covered by your insurance at a later date. Based upon your insurance provider and the particular service plan, testing will be covered in total or partially. Any balance will automatically be charged to your credit card, or you will be given a bill in the mail.

Before you place an order, we suggest scheduling a consultation with your chosen STD testing provider and looking at what parts of the testing your insurance will cover.


Does Insurance Cover STD Testing?

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