Different companies offer at-home lab tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) online. You can choose from different at-home STD tests also called do-it-yourself (DIY) tests that provide various criteria, and they come with a variety of benefits.

Before you choose a specific test online, it is crucial that you know different aspects of the services they offer. Other providers require you to go to your nearest lab for sample collection, and they test different STDs.  However, you can do everything at home with other tests, but the bottom line is that all tests are secure.

Apart from testing STD, online lab tests also screen other symptoms, and they are convenient. As such, when choosing the at-home STD test online, it should be a matter of preference. The following are some of the things you should know before ordering your test online.

What To Consider For A Test Online

When you intend to choose a DIY test, you should know the disease that you want to get tested for. For a common single STD, it is convenient that you order a quick at-home test. However, if you intend to test for more STDs, at-home lab tests can work for you.

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Are you testing for the first time?

The question is critical, and you should ask if you are testing for the first time. It is essential to order a comprehensive testing package that checks for more common diseases. You will get a better idea of your overall sexual health.

What is my budget?

Quick at-home tests are affordable, and they cost as low as $29, but at-home lab tests are expensive. They start from about $60 and can go beyond $100 for a single test.

Do you have worries about recent exposure?

You can buy a single test kit if you are worried about a particular STD. However, it is wise to get a comprehensive package since it covers a variety of common STDs.

When you test positive, do you need medical advice?

When you test positive, you need to see a doctor. Therefore, it is wise that you choose a service provider that offers to counsel when you test positive. When ordering a test, you should do it through the company’s website since it gives you all the information that you need.

Benefits Of At-Home STD Tests

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Some STDs do not show symptoms; as a result, some patients may think that they are healthy while they unknowingly spread STDs.  The only way to know about your status is to go for testing. However, testing nowadays does not necessarily mean that you visit a lab or clinic since you can do it at home.

Many people are increasingly utilizing at-home testing options like DIY to get an idea of different health issues affecting them. You can buy the test online, and it has many benefits to people who do not feel comfortable visiting clinics for STD tests in particular.


The primary benefit of at-home STD test is that there is no need of visiting the lab, clinic or talking to the doctor. If you do not want other people to find out that you are getting tested, the at-home test is an excellent option for you. You may also feel uncomfortable to talk to the doctor about your symptoms, so the home option is perfect for you.

Many at-home tests aim to maintain your privacy. The services providers offer unmarked packages, and they also do not use real names. As such, privacy is not an issue, so there is no need to worry.


The other advantage of the at-home test is that it is convenient if you do not want to deal with the hassle of visiting the lab or the clinic. If you cannot travel because of illness, age or disability, the at-home STD testing option is ideal for you. You can perform the test in the comfort of your home.

You can collect a swab, blood prick, urine, or saliva sample at home then mail it to the service providers. If you have a busy schedule, the home test can make your life simple. You can conveniently learn about your sexual health.


At-home tests are accurate just like clinic tests since they use FDA approved kits. The tests also use certified labs, so the risk of a false result is minimal.

Counseling Not Mandatory

When you visit free clinics, you will get mandatory counseling. However, not everyone is comfortable with compulsory counseling, so the at-home test gives you peace of mind. You can decide about counseling, and no one forces you. If you test positive, you are free to talk to your doctor. Whenever you want advice from the doctor, some services provide that for you.

Disadvantages of At-Home STD Tests

There are also other things that you should be wary of with at-home testing. For instance, some people who belong to low socioeconomic groups may not be able to afford it. The cheapest test kit costs $29, and some can even go beyond $100. As a result, the price can exclude individuals with genuine interests in STD testing at home.

The other issue is that there are chances of a faulty test when you take the sample. There is a higher risk of doing something wrong in case of quick at-home tests. You can either perform the analysis incorrectly or wrongly pack the sample.

When you conduct your testing at home, there is a danger of lack of counseling services. Mandatory counseling in free clinics has its advantages since the patients can learn more things about their sexual health.

Some people need counseling so its absence through home testing can be a downside. You should make an appointment with your doctor when to test positive. Such a scenario can be time-consuming, and it can also inconvenience you.

When you go to the clinic for STD testing, you get counseling services at no extra charge. Therefore, if you need counseling, you should choose a company that offers such services before you place an order online.

What You Need To Know About DIY At-Home Lab Tests

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