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Any Lab Test Now is a great choice for anyone looking for affordable, fast and confidential STD testing.

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Any Lab Test Now offers tests for all common STDs, including HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

The company operates over 180 locations across the United States. You can walk into any of their locations, provide a sample for testing, and get your test results in 24-72 hours. 

This is an in-depth review of Any Lab Test Now, how their STD testing works, how much it costs, and how it compares to other STD testing services in the market.

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Who is Any Lab Test Now?

Any Lab Test Now

Any Lab Test Now (quite a mouthful), is a provider of clinical lab tests. They work with labs around the country to provide quick and affordable health and wellness testing.

In this review, we focus on their STD tests. But they also offer general health tests for cancer, heart health, diabetes, allergy, and other health issues.

They also provide several types of DNA tests, including ancestry and pet DNA testing, as well as drugs and alcohol tests.

How Any Lab Test Now Differs from Other Providers

Any Lab Test Now Std

Unlike most of the other STD test providers we have reviewed on this site, Any Lab Test Now does not sell their tests online.

You cannot order a particular test online. The only thing you can do is schedule an appointment at one of their stores.

You pay for the test when you go to provide a sample at your chosen Any Lab Test Now location.

In addition to not being able to order a test online, you also don’t get your results online, like with other STD testing services. Instead, you pick them up yourself.

For those who are wary about online STD testing services or find it hard to order from them, Any Lab Test Now is a great alternative.
You don’t even have to visit their website to schedule an appointment. They accept walk-ins.

Another thing that sets Any Lab Test Now apart is their affordable prices. While a hospital test can cost you several hundred dollars for a single test, Any Lab Test Now tests start at $49. You save even more money if you choose one of their bundled packages.

The best part is, their lab tests are just as accurate as of the test you’ll get at a clinic.

How to Order an STD Test from Any Lab Test Now

Any Lab Test Now appointment

You cannot order an Any Lab Test Now test online. Sure, they have a website, and you can see all the different kinds of tests they offer.

But once you select a test, the only option you get is to schedule an appointment at an Any Lab Test Now store near you.

Note that the appointment is optional, but the company encourages it so that you can save time when you get to the location.

If you are not sure exactly when you’ll be available, you can just walk into one of their locations.

Once you are at one of their stores, you’ll fill out a form and then wait for a sample to be taken. It can be blood, urine, or swab sample depending on the STD being tested.

The sample will be secured and sent to one of their partner labs for testing.

Generally, most people spend about 15 minutes at the company’s locations. Much shorter than the hours, you might find yourself waiting in line at a clinic.

After you provide a sample, the results are ready in 1-3 days. Because Any Lab Test Now is bound by HIPAA rules, they are very specific on how you can receive your results.

Since STD tests are sensitive, they recommend that you personally go for them at the location where you gave a sample. If you are busy, give them a call and ask if they can mail or fax you the results.

However, if you had requested an HIV test, the only option is to pick up the test results yourself. This is actually not their policy. They are just following state and federal laws.

Why Any Lab Test Now Is One of Our Top Picks

Any Lab Test Now clinical services

  • Their affordable tests. It’s so much cheaper to get an Any Lab Test Now test than go to a hospital for an STD test. One advantage of their low prices is that you don’t have to wonder whether your health insurance will cover you since you can afford the test out of your pocket. Any Lab Test Now doesn’t accept health insurance anyway.
  • Their (relative) convenience. Don’t want to explain your symptoms to a doctor or wait in line at a clinic? Any Lab Test Now offers quick and convenient STD testing. Just 15 minutes and you are done. Keep in mind though that the process can be even more convenient with an online or at-home STD testing service like STDCheck.
  • The quick turnaround. Test results are ready in 24-72 hours.
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Any Lab Test Now Review: The Details

Any Lab Test Now categories

Packages and Pricing

Any Lab Test Now offers both individual and bundled test packages. If you are worried about exposure to a specific STD like HIV, select one of the individual tests.

If you are doing an annual sexual health checkup or are not sure which STI you may have been exposed to, select one of the bundled packages.

Here is a list of all Any Lab Test Now STD packages.


  • Comprehensive STD Panel – tests for six common STDs, including HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and Herpes 1 and 2. 
  • Basic STD Panel – includes tests for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes 1 and 2. 
  • MMA/Boxing Fighter Panel – specifically for athletes in MMA, boxing, and other combative sports. Includes tests for HIV and hepatitis B and C. 
  • Hepatitis Panel – includes tests for Hepatitis A, B and C. 
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Individual Tests

Any Lab Test Now offers individual tests for the most common STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, Trichomoniasis, and syphilis. Visit their website to see all STD tests. 

Pricing varies by location. To see how much you are going to be charged for a particular package, select your location.

Test Accuracy

Any Lab Test Now works with certified clinical labs to carry out STD tests. So you can be sure that your test results are accurate.

Of course, there’s a chance for inaccurate results. But this is usually not the fault of the lab; it’s often because the STD is still within the incubation period, the period between exposure and when the STD can show up in a test. 

Testing too soon after exposure can result in a false negative. That’s why it is a good idea to re-test for an STD after 3-6 months if you get a negative test result.

A false positive is also possible. We recommend getting a second confirmatory test if you get a positive test result.

Turnaround Time

After you give a sample, turnaround time is typically 1-3 days. However, certain tests may require additional time for analysis and processing.

You’ll pick up your results from the same location you went to provide a sample. You can also ask that your results be mailed or faxed to you. But because of HIPAA regulations, this may not be possible for certain tests like HIV – you’ll have to pick them up in person.


Any Lab Test Now does not offer the same tight level of anonymity as online and at-home lab tests, but it’s much better than going to a doctor or clinic.

The company keeps all personal details confidential, and, as per HIPAA rules, they do not share your medical or personal information with any third party.

Your test details and your results are confidential.

Health Counseling Options

Any Lab Test Now does not offer health counseling. Staff at their stores will only answer questions about the test details. They’ll not offer an interpretation or advice regarding your results.

For counseling, consult your doctor.

Providing Your Sample

You can walk into one of their locations or schedule an appointment to provide a sample.

After you fill a form, a medical assistant will take a sample (can be blood, urine, or swab), label it, and send it to a lab for testing.

Payment Options

Any Lab Test Now locations

You’ll pay for the test once you get to your chosen location. Any Lab Test Now does not accept payments on their website.

You can pay with cash or any major credit/debit card. Any Lab Test Now also accepts HSA and FSA cards.

Any Lab Test Now does not accept health insurance. If you want to pay with health insurance, you’ll have to pay out of pocket first and then ask your insurer to reimburse you.

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Any Lab Test Now promises to protect your privacy and anonymity by securing your personal information and not sharing it with any unauthorized third parties.

Their privacy policy only covers their website. We would have liked to see some details on how they handle your test details and results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Lab Test Now reviews

Does Any Lab Test Now accept health insurance?

No, they do not.

Do you need a doctor’s order to get an Any Lab Test Now test?

No, you do not.

How do I access my Any Lab Test Now results?

The best way to get your results is to pick them up at the location you went to give a sample. The company can also mail or fax certain tests.

Where can I find an Any Lab Test Now location?

They have 180 locations across the United States. However, they are not available in a few states. Use the store finder on their website to check if they have a location near you. 

Customer Reviews: Praises and Complaints

Any Lab Test Now reviews

The customer reviews we found on Yelp are mostly positive, with most customers praising the excellent customer service and quick turnaround.


Any Lab Test Now

While not as convenient or anonymous as online STD tests, Any Lab Test Now is still a much better option than going to a clinic, for most people.

It’s way cheaper, you don’t have to wait in line and you get your Any Lab Test Now results sooner.

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