Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are common among people, both male and females. There is a full belief that STDs are caused by having unprotected sex with an infected person. Having multiple sexual partners is another factor that leads to the spread of infections among various people.

However, it is possible that you can still get a sexually transmitted disease even without having sex with anyone. You may not believe it, but it is real, you can get an STD through other means apart from engaging in unprotected sex. Things like sharing towels, kissing and sharing contaminated food can result in the transmission of STDs like hepatitis, Chlamydia, and herpes.

Although sexual intercourse is the most common way to get an STD, you can still contract it without sex. The following list outlines nine ways you can get an STD without having sex.

Therefore, to be safe from STDs, you should get regularly tested for the diseases. If you want a confidential STD test, you can try our  review so that you can know your status.

1. Kissing

Many people view kissing as a sweet and innocent way of expressing love without the risk of spreading STDs, but it is not true. Few STDs can pass through the swapping of spit. Herpes is an excellent example of STD that spreads through kissing which you should be careful about.

kissing couple STD testing

The virus causes cold sores, and it transmits through kissing so you should know that you can get an infection without sex. You need to know that deep kissing is not safe from STDs. Alternatively, you can consider kissing on the cheek where there is no transfer of saliva.

2. Oral Sex

Just like kissing, some people still have that mistaken belief that oral sex does not lead to the spread of STD. Oral sex does not involve penetration but licking of the genitals. However, the practice leads to transmission of STDs if the anus, penis or vagina involved are infected.

Oral sex aids the spread of broken skin, secretions, and sores that caused by herpes simplex virus 2. These symptoms are also common to genital herpes, and the chances of spreading during oral sex are high. Chlamydia is another condition that can infect your throat while performing oral sex though it is rare.

3. Sharing A Shave

The practice of sharing razors, shaving machines or other sharp objects that can pierce the skin can help spread STDs. No matter there is no sexual activity involved, you can contract an STD from sharing the same razor with an infected person. If a person with Hepatitis or HIV uses a needle and breaks the skin, you can catch the disease if your skin also breaks.

guy shaving can transfer STDs

It is rare for STDs to spread via razors, but the mixing of blood through these objects can spread the disease. If possible, you can try to avoid sharing sharp objects with anyone since they can pose a risk.

4. Sharing Contaminated Food

Hepatitis A (HAV) spreads via contaminated food and drinks through ingestion of fecal matter. If an infected person uses the toilet and does not wash her hands, she can spread the STD when she prepares food for others.  This is why it is so important that all restaurant workers wash their hands each and every time they use the toilet. The virus from dirty hands moves into the food and affects those who eat it.

5. Direct Skin Contact

The other way of spreading STDs without sex involves skin-to-skin contact. The skin provides grooming ground for HPV since it can cause cracks which lead to spread of the disease. Therefore, the condition of your skin determines your risk of infection.

6. Sharing Sheets Or Towels

Trichomonas vaginalis, a single-celled protozoan parasite that causes trichomoniasis, a common STD that usually transmits via unprotected sex. The parasite, however, can also transfer via other ways like sharing towels. For instance, favors damp fabric and it can stay for more than an hour on the sheet after use.

If you immediately use a towel used by an infected person, you risk contracting this type of STD without engaging in sex. A parasite only needs the right environment for it to survive. Therefore, sharing fabric like towels with infected persons can cause the spread of trichomoniasis.

7. Touch Surfaces

Trichomoniasis can spread through contact with other surfaces like toilet seats if the parasite is present. Males might contract this kind of STD if their foreskins on the genitals get into contact with a toilet seat that has the parasite that causes the condition.

public bathrooms can spread STDs

No sex is involved, but the STD may spread through direct contact with contaminated surfaces, although unlikely generally speaking. Hand-to-genital contact can also transmit trichomoniasis. An unwashed sex toy can also cause this kind of STD, therefore, make sure your hands are clean before holding your genitals.


8. Artificial Sun Tanning Beds

The other way you can get an STD without sex includes emitting light in places like a tanning salon. If you share contaminated surfaces such as your tanning bed, you are likely to contract an STD.

The condition is called molluscum contagiosum, and it is a bumpy genital infection that is not caused by sex. The radiating light creates this type of condition, and it can also transmit via skin to skin contact.

9. Blood Transfusion

Though very rare nowadays, a blood transfusion can be another source of contracting HIV if the blood has HIV. Over the past three decades, there have been significant improvements in screening the blood donors. The blood banks also make an effort to test all donated blood for antibodies like HIV-1 and HIV-2.

HIV spreads rapidly through the mixing of blood if the other sample is positive. Make sure you get blood from certified distributors in case you or your loved one needs blood.


Credit:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The bottom line about STDs is that they can affect anyone at one point in their lives. However, very few people go for STD testing because they do not show any signs of infection. The truth that you should know is that many STDs do not present any symptoms.

Therefore, the only sure way you can know about your STD status is to go for testing. It is easy to treat the disease if it is detected earlier. You should not shun the STD test even if you have not engaged in sex with multiple partners.

9 Ways To Get an STD Without Having Sex – You Won’t Believe #3

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